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OV In Nature 24 Nutritive Deep Cleanser / 120ml

Different herbal and natural ingredients are fermented to remove sebum in pores and makeup
without irritation even on sensitive skin, and keeps skin soft and smooth without tightening after use.

Directions to use
Wet the face 3~4 times, take moderate amount into your hand, and massage onto your face.
Wash off lightly with lukewarm water, and gently wipe off.

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OV In Nature 24 Synergy Essence / 80ml

Toner+Emultion+Essence in one!

It creates cleaner and softer skin through the balance of oil and moisture, and keeps skin soft all day long. It turns skin firm through plant-derived collagen, and soothes tired skin, while protecting and keeping dry skin healthy.

Directions to use
After washing face, take 1~2 pumps of the product into the hand. Apply throughout the face, and massage gently.

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OV In Nature 24 Super Repair Young Age Solution Serum / 30ml

It contains plant collagen to keep the skin firm for a long time. Naturally derived ingredients keep the moisture in skin and helps with natural recovery to turn skin healthy. It forms a proper balance between oil and moisture, and supplies moisture to turn skin soft just with one use.

Directions to Use
Apply OV Essence, and take moderate amount into the hand. Apply in face and neck area and gently pat.

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OV In Nature 24 Extra Enriched Solution Cream / 50G

Highly moisturizing formula in light texture absorbs quickly in skin, and the ideal combination of naturally derived ingredients reinforce skin texture and skin barrier to optimize moisture-oil balance. Plant collagen and different herb extracts help with firmness and soothing to turn skin smooth and healthy.

Directions to use
Take moderate amount and apply evenly on face from inside to out. Massage on the neck from bottom to top.

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